Bulk E-Liquid & Vape Juice at Wholesale Prices – Nicotine Liquid

USA Made, Quality E-liquid and Vape Juice

Wholesale e-liquid and vape juice, ordered directly from the manufacturer.  We help you cut out the middle man – no distributors.

Vaping is already a $2 billion business and has barely scratched the surface.  Current projections have the market doubling each year – meaning by 2020, the market size will well over $20 Billion…and that is only in the US!

Currently – 30% of all sales are through convenience stores – 26% online and about 17% through via retail vape shops.  This number includes the “Big Tobacco” brands like Njoy, Blu etc.

Market research has shown the customers though are not gravitating to those brands and the current trends are very solidly moving towards ejuice and vaping. Big tobacco has been slow to respond – and by the time they do…vaping will be out of their control.

We estimate there are over 300 brands of juice, not including the Vape Shops that mix their own.  About 30 of these are real multi-million dollar players.

How can you get in on the ground floor – and start to buy e-liquid in bulk?

Good question.

  • Wholesale prices make you more money:
    You will be buying at a low factory direct price.  This allows you to focus on marketing and not worry about razor thin margins like your competitors.  You get e-liquid at great prices.
  • Quick return on product:
    You can get e-juice directly from the warehouse – because we are the warehouse.  You are our partner – which means we get things out to you very quickly.  Usually within 24 hours.  We are located in the midwest – so that means no matter where in the US (and most of Canada) you are located – we are less than a week away.
  • Fresh Liquid
    Sure – these liquids have a long shelf life, but there is no reason to test it.  We ship nicotine liquid quickly after it is made.  We want to get you super fresh batches, and with the quality we sell, we always have fresh supply.  Fresh supply means happy customers…and then you will need to buy more.

  • Access to new products
    We want to find great wholesalers who can help tell us what the customers like and don’t like.  If the customer doesn’t like a blend, we will work with you to make sure we fine tune it.  We want to be known as the highest quality, USA made e-liquid supplier in the world.  We believe we lead the way – we never use import liquid.  We’ve tasted that junk – just like you.  Its garbage…and we will not sell it.  We’re in it for the long run.  We need you to help tell us what flavors people want.

Looking for wholesale E-juice, e-cigarette and bulk nicotine vapes?

We have many different pre-designed “packs” for you to order.  Some wholesalers want us to build out the common packages – so we have done that here with our most common orders.

If you don’t see the right package for you – please just give us a call or fill out the informational form and we can build a special package just for you.  Not matter how small or large – we will make sure you have the exact supply you need.

Wholesale Packages:

These are our most popular packages – but we pride ourselves on offering custom orders of any size.

Why buy our premium vapes?

  • USA Only E-Liquid
    Guaranteed 100% USA made. We do not cut corners and only use the best liquid nicotine to ensure your safety.  It also preserves the flavor and increases the potency. Our flavoring, Nicotine (optional), Certified Kosher and USP-Grade Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.  We never add diacetyl to any of our flavor lineup – we don’t like fake butter either.
  • Multiple Nicotine Levels
    We offer e-liquids in various nicotine levels.  We stock 0mg (no nicotine), 6mg, 16mg and 24mg.  If you have needs other than these – we can easily get you a custom batch made.  Another reason – you want to work directly with a wholesaler.
  • Worldwide Shipping
    We will ship anyplace you have a store. Why pay for shipping twice – instead of shipping a big order to your headquarters, let us ship out to each location and save you the trouble.  Make it easy.
  • Competitor Smashing Prices
    The devil, as they say, is in the details.  Well, we understand the devil for you – is in the margins.  Our super competitive pricing is going to give you the edge you need to go from “getting by” to “getting it done”.  Call or drop us a line and see how low our price is – you will be amazed.

We could not be more happy with our product.  We have worked with the labs directly to build our a truly unique, USA made product we are sure you will like.  We are so confident in our product…we offer a satisfaction guarantee.  The only way we are happy is to ensure you are happy.

Our staff is all in the USA, will will not outsource you or your sale to people outside the company.  We have a US based company and that is where it will stay.  Getting your product and questions asked is always a phone call or email away.  We value customers and act quickly to get you want you want – when you need it.